Crewmembers began arriving early Tuesday and congregated in the hospitality room. Tuesday and Wednesday were spent reestablishing friendships and making new one's, telling sea stories and remarking how young we all looked. Phil Philipps and his gracious wife Opal provided their room as the hospitality suite for Seadragon members.

A no host cocktail hour preceded the banquet at the Atlantis. Dinner was buffet style and the Atlantis crew did a superb job of presenting a delicious and varied menu.

Following the banquet president Phil Philipps called the meeting to order with an intro of current Seadragon officers and our special guest VADM Steele. An introduction of all crewmembers and their spouses followed. Vice Admiral Steele presented remarks to the crew reminding us that Seadragon and others that followed were the "Terror of the Seas" during the cold war and were responsible for keeping the USSR in check. He expressed the thought that we had all served during exciting times and could be proud of the part we played in the defense of the country.

Phil Philipps outlined the progress of the association in the past year and noted that of 975 identified Dragoneers nearly 400 have been
located. He pointed out that a big thanks was owed to Larry Yano who had started the whole thing by organizing (just about by himself the 98) reunion in Hagerstown. Thanks also went to Ron, Dave and Tiger for their work during the year. Peoria was suggested as the next Seadragon reunion site in 2001 in conjunction with the Subvets reunion which is being hosted by Phil Philipps
Subvets Peoria Base.

John Pendelton read the Final Patrol and the list of our departed Seadragon shipmates.

Dave Parmenter presented the associations treasury report for the year. The report was accepted as read.

Nominations for Association officers were opened. Ron Waldron was nominated for president; and Patrick Rafferty for VP. Bob Scheide for Sect/Treas with no other nominees named all were elected. Phil Philipps volunteered for reunion coordinator for 2001 since his Peoria Base is sponsoring the SUBVETS event.

Vice President Ron Waldron spoke of the work everyone had done in the past year to make this association event successful. He thanked everyone for their help in locating 400 crewmembers and encouraged all members to continue with their efforts to locate the remaining crewmembers.

Door prizes were awarded, the top prize being a beautiful , framed picture of Seadragon on the surface, donated by Phil Philipps. Other prizes included Seadragon hats, shirts, and video tapes as well as cash prizes.

Bob Scheide presented on behalf of the commissioning crew a 3-foot model of the Seadragon to VADM Steele, Seadragon's first CO.Admiral Steele commented that it was the best present he had ever received. He showed to the crew a piece of Seadragon's hull he had received from Daniel Whiting and noted that he intended to mount it with the model. All hands showed their appreciation with a hardy ovation.

Newly elected president gave closing remarks thanking every one for their help in making this reunion a success and expressing hope that Peoria 2001 will be even bigger. He voiced thanks from all of us to Phil Philipps for his hard work and leadership the past year. Dave Parmenter offered closing prayer.


Adkisson, Paul   Toni                      63-65
Anderson, Chase D.  LaDonna 59-61
Andrew, Kenneth   58-60
Bailey, Owen   62-65
Barnum, Roscoe L. Nancy  72-75
Bartlett, Michael Nancy     60-61
Blay, Joseph 60-62
Breault, Jr. George O.            Julia 61-66
Briggs, Edward   Millie 59-62
Chabot, Dennis    73-75
Clark, William G.    59-62
Collins, Patrick B.    62-65
Connors, Thomas R.  Carol    59-61
Cornwell, Lewis                           Constance 60-63
Crowley, Earl Betty 59-63
Dack, Tony Gerri ??-??
Dahlke, Doug Cathy                                                73-77
D'Ambrosgio, Dennis Tina 80-82
Everett, Jack W. Patricia 66-68
Everette, Oliver Pat 65-67
Gant, Mitchell   66-70
Gill, William   59-61
Gray, Jim Linda 59-61
Groom, Charles Carlotta 59-62
Gruenhagen, Jerry   66-69
Haines, Hal   59-63
Harnish, David R.  Kay 65-67
Hayden, William A.   71-75
Hedrick, Bruce Georgia 60-61
Keen, James Charlotte 79-82
Kuhn, Jr. Raymond   70-75
Lawson, Kennth   Mary    61-62
Lindgren, Charles Linda 71-78
Little, Lawrence Janell 66-67
Lopez, Isaac Mary Jo 67-68
McCabe, Tom   70-72
McCoy, Gerald C. Sam 64-65
McHalffey, Larry   70-74
Miletich, Thomas J. Josie 59-63
Morin, Richard A. Joan 59-62
Nelson, Gunner Mary Ann 72-76
Noble, Robert Marge 63-64
Odell, Lee Peggy 58-60
Parmenter, W. David   61-63
Pendleton, John Angela 58-61
Philipps, Phillip Opal 59-63
Rafferty, Patrick H. Eileen 62-64
Reinthaler, Louis Barbara 67-68
Rousseau, John Gloria 73-76
Ryan, Patrick D. Lynne 61-62
Scheide, Sr. Robert V. Catherine 59-63
Seid, William P. Dee 62-68
Smith, Allen   58-63
Smith, Duane Lois 59-60
Smoot, Gregory A. Lee 72-76
Stafford, Fred R. Dolly 58-62
Steele, George P. Betty 58-62
Stein, Robert Diane 62-62
Stubbs, Ronald Myrna 59-62
Suddeth, Mel   62-66
Treadway, Wilbur D.   70-75
Vrchota, Thomas J.   71-75
Wagner, JR. Fernley Sara 59-60
Waldron, Ron Floss 59-61
Walton, Freddie L. LaVerna 60-61
Whiting, Daniel E.   71-73
Whimer, Thomas E.   60-63
Williamson, Robert L. Beth 60-64
Wiltshire, Kenneth J. Barbara 69-71
Worthern, Eules Judy 59-65
Zimmerman, Joe Dot 58-59